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Prof T. Srinivas, Ph.D


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        Distance education is a powerful and growing force in education at University level. In distance education the student is remote from the campus, and is educated through a mixture of media, the specially prepared printed text being central. Depending on resources, a wide variety of other media can be used, notably TV, video and the personal computer, all of which can be shared by a number of students.


        More and more traditional universities are rapidly transforming themselves from single mode to dual mode universities, recognizing the importance of distance education in providing students with the best and most up-to-date educational resources available in addition to the traditional teaching methods that they receive.


        The terms open learning and distance education represent approaches that focus on opening access to education and training provision, freeing learners from the constraints of time and place, and offering flexible learning opportunities to individuals and groups of learners.


        Successful distance education systems involve interactivity between teacher and students, between students and the learning environment, and among students themselves, as well as active learning in the classroom.


(T.Srinivas )