Director's Message


Prof. MVS Chandrasekhar Rao, Ph.D



Distance learning is a modern system of non-formal education. There are different terms used for distance learning which include Correspondence course, Distance Education, Distance Teaching, Open Education, Open Learning, Home schooling etc. There is a need of Distance Learning in today's education as it the method of learning at one's own pace in one's own time, without the boundaries of the formal class room and without the formal presence of the teacher.

It is needed to satisfy the varied needs of varied students and especially needed for those who want to learn while earning. People may be geographically isolated because of distance and socially isolated or disadvantaged due to financial, physical, emotional or family circumstances. Distance learning can be used to teach people of different ages and to teach courses from a wide range of discipline areas. Distance learning is needed from the point of view of self-learning and self-improvement of an individual who, otherwise is deprived of receiving a proper education. Open and Distance Learning is a boon for in-service aspirants. They can improve their educational qualifications and by doing so, they can brighten up their chances of promotion. It provides opportunities to a large number of people who had previously been denied such opportunities.

GITAM introduced “Blended Learning" methodology for programs, combining all the three forms of learning, namely, Published / Printed Self-Learning Material / Books, Digital e-learning and Faculty Interaction - Chat Sessions and Virtual Classroom Facility