Evaluation Pattern



The performance of the learners shall be assessed subject-wise on the basis of internal evaluation for 30 marks and year-end examination for 70 marks. Internal evaluation shall be done on the basis of assignments and practicals (if applicable). The year-end examinations shall be conducted as per the schedule.


Semester/Year-End Examination

GITAM conducts Semester/year-end Examination. Learners will be permitted to appear for the year-end examination subject to the conditions that registration for the course, in which they wish to appear is valid, minimum time to pursue these courses is completed. The learners should register for all the subjects in the first attempt in any year of study. However, they can appear for examination in courses as per their choice. Irrespective of result, the learner will be promoted to the next year of the course of study.


Grading System

Based on the learner's performance during a given year, a final grade will be awarded at the end of the year in each course. The grades and the corresponding grade points are as given in the table below:

GradeGrade PointsAbsolute Marks
O 10 90 and above
A+ 9 80-90
A 8 70-79
B+ 7 60-69
B 6 50-59
C 5 40-49
F 0 Failed Less than 40

The Grade Point Average (GPA) will be calculated as per the formula given below:

GPA =  ∑ [C x G ] / ∑C


C = no. of credits for the course

G = grade points obtained by the Learner in the course

Grade Point Average is awarded to those candidates who pass in all the courses in that year.

The requirement of CGPA for a learner to be declared to have passed on the successful completion of the programme through Distance Learning and for the declaration of the class is as shown in table below:

Distinction ≥ 8.0
First Class ≥ 6.5
Second Class ≥ 5.5
Pass ≥ 5.0

*In addition to the required CGPA of 8.0, the learner must have necessarily passed all the courses of every year in the first attempt only.  Candidates, who successfully complete entire programme, shall be eligible for the award of the degree.


Submission of Application Form

Examination application forms can be obtained from the Centre for Distance Learning, GITAM, Visakhapatnam. The learners have to submit duly filled-in examination applications to GITAM along with demand draft / banker's cheque drawn in favour of Centre for Distance Learning, GITAM, payable at Visakhapatnam, within the stipulated time.


Note: The learners are required to mention their Enrolment number, Name and purpose on the reverse side of the "demand draft / banker's cheque."